I had an appointment with Sean to evaluate my hearing and discuss hearing aids. Sean took his time, evaluated my ears, and did a detailed hearing test which confirmed hearing loss. Sean provided me with options which included explaining the pros and cons of those options. This unbiased information helped me select the proper hearing aid for my prescription. At no time did I feel pressure to purchase hearing aids or a push to buy the most expensive device. When I went to pick up my hearing aids, Sean adjusted the unit manually to ensure the best possible result for me. I highly recommend this facility.
Tom Gratz, on Google
I am glad I chose to buy my hearing aids from The Hearing Center. Heidi is very knowledgeable and spent a lot of time explaining all aspects of the devices and the different financial plans. Erin, the customer coordinator, is very helpful. They appear to have up-to-date equipment. The office is conveniently located. I am happy with my Starkey hearing aids.
M, on Google
I had an appointment with Heidi at The Hearing Center for a 3 month tuneup of my Starkey Genesis hearing aids. The store was very clean, bright, welcoming and easy to find. Heidi welcomed me, on time and refit/retuned my hearing aids perfectly in 45 minutes! What an awesome experience! I would highly recommend The Hearing Center and Heidi. Great Job!
Lisa Hammock, on Google
After 20+ years of trying other brands of hearing aids, I finally found the competent staff at The Hearing Center ~ who introduced me to Starkey AI Livio CROS. These hearing aids have superior sound fidelity over all other brands, allowing a more natural and detailed sound experience, not just in general conversation, but also musical enjoyment. I can hear my young grandchildren much more clearly than before. Not only are these Starkey AI Livio CROSS's technically better than all others, they perform better in outdoor situations, including sweat-inducing exercise and humid/wet environments. The level of service from the staff is critically better than anywhere else: based on my medium-to-severe hearing-loss profile, the settings and sound levels are tuned exactly to my needs. And periodic in-office adjustments keep them performing their best for me. Good hearing aids are certainly an economic consideration, and these are worth every penny. I heartily recommend Starkey, and Shaun and the skilled staff at The Hearing Center in Golden Valley.
Mark Stratman, on Google
A few months ago I decided to try again to find a hearing aid that I could actually wear! I had had one four or five years before which was a good brand and I guess worn successfully by a lot of people. But I could never wear it comfortably. So I mostly kept it in my jewelry box. Then recently I read a few reviews and heard about Starkey! I made an appointment, though still doubtful about me and hearing aids. At the Hearing Center I was greeted by a friendly young woman who notified the technician that I had arrived. Sean appeared and showed me back to his office. Sean spent a lot of time with me and figured out that my problem was that my ear canals are uncommonly small. It turns out that Starkey gives you custom made hearing aids, molded to your exact ear canal. Night and day difference. Also love the tv streaming device and the iPhone app that controls the hearing aids. Also lots of follow-up care. I am now a very successful hearing aid wearer. Thanks, Sean and Starkey!
Jane Johnson, on Google

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