I made an appointment to get my hearing checked. The initial visit is free and it seemed like a good idea to get a baseline in my mid-40s. Starting at the front desk, the gal there is friendly, kind, informed, and super quick! They have super comfy chairs in the waiting area with a TV that gave hearing stats that I found super intriguing. Hearing aid technology has come such a long way and it happened when I wasn't paying any attention. Next, the exam was so cool! I sat in front of a TV screen and looked inside my own ear! It was gross and cool at the same time. The doctor is very kind and super knowledgeable about all things hearing and I really felt he was passionate about what he does. He went over my results with me and explained everything. The entire facility is quiet, bright, and super clean. Since my baseline is normal, unless I notice any sudden hearing loss, I plan to go back in 10 years time and I hope this location is still there being awesome. I highly recommend this location and I'm so glad I took the time to check in on my hearing health.
Anna Lotzer, on Google
if you find yourself keep turning up the volume on your tv or you keep saying what when someone is speaking to you. You should get your hearing checked. That's what i did and The Hearing center did not fail me. The staff was excellent and very professional. They did an extensive painless examination of my ears and solved my hearing issues. and i enjoyed every second. FIVE STARS THEY SHOULD GET 10!!! PEPE W
Kristie Lazenberry, on Google
I have struggled with hearing aids for over fifty years. My hearing loss is now diagnosed as being "profound". My social activity has been mostly limited to family. In years past, I've dealt with a number of different vendors and had limited results. Sean Foley, at the The Hearing Center is the best I have met. Thanks to him, I am rebuilding my social life. I commend him for both his skills and his service.
Don Blood, on Google
Really friendly people and really extensive testing. Fine tuned my hearing aids way better than the first place I got my aids from. Sean is a great technician.
Alan Stapel (CountryAl), on Google
The problem I caller about was resolved in my phone call. The technician, Alan, was very thorough, and we realized it stemmed from recent cellphone system upgrades. Problems solved. My Livio AI is back 101% along with its supporting Thrive App. M
Mark Stratman, on Google

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