Have been working with Dr. Sean Foley at the Golden Valley Office for several months, most recently regarding the trial of new smaller hearing aids. After several weeks, I concluded they were just not right for me, and explained all the to Dr. Foley. He couldn't have been more understanding and kind to me as we returned them, and began the process for a full refund. I wish to pay homage to him and The Hearing Center and Starkey for their patience and generous policies during this trial period. AND, to Dr Foley, who was a wonderful Ambassador for the Company. Take good care of're only as good as those around you!!!!
fmolek University of Minnesota, on Google
This facility is under new ownership and I can't be more delighted! Sean Foley provides great customer service, explaining what he is doing, using the lasts of technology. I have been to three different hearing centers and by far this particular one was refreshing, affordable and able to bring my ability to hear to a level I haven't had in years. This Golden Valley site is comfortable, easy access, easy parking and his assistant is polite, speaks clearly and just a wonderful person to have out front. Costs were explained fully and I didn't have to wait for weeks to get in. I highly suggest going here first before or after talking to others. Did you know that others that sell hearing aids for a much lower price don't include or include a very limited amount of warranty and care? Sean has very reasonable and affordable plans to ensure I will not have to worry about getting A+ service when needed & a appointment guide for follow-ups to be sure I'm A-OK. Welcome to the neighborhood Sean I'm looking forward to a long relationship to someone I can trust.
Lonnie West Designer, on Google
Sean was able to use technology that made it possible for him to realize that there was a great difference between what I was prescribed and what my hearing aids were set . He was able to set the hearing aids so they will partially be the appropriate level but will let me adjust to all the new sound. In 28 days, the hearing aids will automatically increase in volume etc. so I can really get the maximum hearing. I have felt my hearing aids weren't set right and now I feel they are correct. I appreciate the service of Sean and the receptionist.
Kathy Dobovsky, on Google
Sean Foley went above and beyond when fitting my new hearing aids. I went in for my six month check in, Sean was amazing and made technical adjustments that improved my hearing ability. It took my Starkey aids to a whole new level of awesomeness.
Renee Goneau, on Google
Just met Sean Foley today and felt I had the best check-up ever. He was so thorough and answered all questions. He is so well informed on all questions I asked. My appointment was prompt and efficient. Great addition to this Hearing Center.
Barb Henry, on Google

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