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Sean Foley, BC-HID

Sean Foley, BC-HID

Board Certified Hearing Instrument Dispenser

NBC HIS Board Certified In Hearing Instrument SciencesDuring his time in the hearing industry Sean has covered far and wide across the state of Minnesota. Sean got his start serving the northern iron range community of Duluth and eventually relocated to southern plains servicing the greater Mankato area. Sean is however very happy to be back home, servicing the Twin Cities metro where he was born and raised.

One of Sean’s most memorable moments so far in his career was working with a charity foundation for better hearing. He fondly remembers helping a woman get the help she desperately needed and just in time for the holidays. At the initial follow up appointment, she came right in and hugged him crying tears of joy because she was able to properly communicate with her grandchildren at Christmas for the first time in her life.

In his free time Sean enjoys socializing and spending time with his friends and family.

Heidi Scholla, HIS

Heidi Scholla, HIS

Hearing Instrument Specialist

Heidi is originally from Minnesota, however life has taken her to the northern states of WI, NH, OH, IL, PA and CO. Drawing from years of experience working in All Make Repair at Starkey Hearing Headquarters, Heidi feels that she has a calling to teach, to share and to encourage those who can benefit from better hearing.

In her free time she loves to bike, is an avid walker, enjoys cooking spicy foods and enjoys spending time with her son. As a parent of a hearing aid wearer, Heidi has an intimate understanding of the impact better hearing can have and is driven to share this knowledge.

Heidi is fascinated in aspects of hearing health and is passionate to serve our patients on the journey to better hearing.

Rachel Cude, PSC

Rachel Cude, PSC

Patient Services Coordinator

Rachel grew up in Portland, Oregon and attended college in Provo, Utah where she graduated with a BS in Communication Disorders and met her husband. She is happy to now be in Minnesota and explore all that it has to offer. Through her university courses and personal experience with those with hearing loss, she has developed a strong amount of empathy and capacity for connection with the hard of hearing community.

In her free time, she enjoys spending time with friends and family playing board games, watching movies and TV shows, and exploring the outdoors.

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Customer Reviews

Really friendly people and really extensive testing. Fine tuned my hearing aids way better than the first place I got my aids from. Sean is a great technician.

Alan Stapel (CountryAl), on Google

I have struggled with hearing aids for over fifty years. My hearing loss is now diagnosed as being "profound". My social activity has been mostly limited to family. In years past, I've dealt with a number of different vendors and had limited results. Sean Foley, at the The Hearing Center...

Don Blood, on Google

if you find yourself keep turning up the volume on your tv or you keep saying what when someone is speaking to you. You should get your hearing checked. That's what i did and The Hearing center did not fail me. The staff was excellent and very professional. They did...

Kristie Lazenberry, on Google

I went in for a free hearing exam because hearing loss runs in my family and I have noticed that I don’t hear quite as well as I used to. Sean was very professional, and first examined the inside of my ears using a scope (which I was able to...

Laura Segala, on Google

I made an appointment to get my hearing checked. The initial visit is free and it seemed like a good idea to get a baseline in my mid-40s. Starting at the front desk, the gal there is friendly, kind, informed, and super quick! They have super comfy chairs in the...

Anna Lotzer, on Google

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